How to use Our FTP Site

Step 1. Email us first to request the current Username and Password.

Step 2. After you have received an email from us that includes a Username and Password, you will need to run an FTP interface like WS FTP or Windows Internet Explorer 6.0 or later.

Go here to download one of these applications if needed:

Instructions for IE Users

Note: You can use this URL if you are using Internet Explorer as your FTP client:

IE 6 users: Simply cut and paste this URL into the address bar:

IE 7 and IE 8 users: Be sure to open up Windows File Explorer, then cut and paste this URL into the address bar:

Instructions for WS_FTP - PC Users

Each time you run WS_FTP the Session Profile window will be displayed. Initially the window will be blank as seen in Figure A and after you've created your first profile you will need to click on the "NEW" button in order to get a blank profile or click on the drop down box to select an existing profile to use. A profile contains the information needed to connect to our web site.

Step 1. FTP Instructions for Image Resources

To create a profile, you will need to fill in each area with the information as follows:

Profile Name: This should be a name that will enable you to recognize it from other profiles. In figure B we're giving it the name "Your Domain"

Host Name/Address: This should be either our domain name (without the http://www in front of it). Example:

Step 2. FTP Instructions for Image Resources

Host Type: This should be set at Auto Detect

User ID: This is your username as provided in our email. This is case sensitive so be sure to type your username exactly as it appears in our email.

Password: This is your password as provided in our email. Be sure to type your username exactly as it appears inour email. To the right of the password there is a box to have WS_FTP to automatically remember your password so that you do not have to enter it each time you start this session. Check it to make your life less complicated.

Many of our users need to disable Passive Transfer in order to connect, this can be done by clicking on Options, then selecting the Session tab and removing the check from "Use Passive Transfer Mode"

Once you have completed the above steps, you are ready to save your changes and then connect to your account. Simply click on Apply in the lower part of the window, and then click on OK.

Once connected, your window will look like the figure below. You will see two separate windows. The window on the left is your actual hard drive and the one on the right is your domain account. You can navigate your hard drive to locate where your files are by double clicking on the green arrow move up to a different directory and by double clicking on a folder to go inside that specific directory.

Step 3. FTP Instructions for Image Resources

The window on the right is your domain account and when you first log in you will be in the root of your account. You need to double click on public_html folder to open the directory where you upload all of your files and create subdirectories for pages that you want to be viewable through your browser.

When you initially log into our FTP public directory you may or may not see any files. If you do, please be sure not rename or delete any files or directories. (see figure below)

Step 4. FTP Instructions for Image Resources

To upload your files to our FTP site, simply navigate through your hard drive to locate your files in the left window. You can upload one file at a time by selecting one file, a group of files by holding down your control key while selecting the files you want moved over, or an entire directory by clicking on the directory, and then clicking on the arrow pointing toward your domain. Your initial page for your web site must be named index.html or index.htm or visitors will not reach your domain when typing in

As soon as a file is uploaded to the web server, it is available for all to see. If, after uploading a file, you are still unable to see the updated file via Netscape, try hitting the "Refresh" or "Reload" button. If that fails, you need to clear both disk and browser cache. Remember that you must first be connected to the Internet through your local Internet service provider in order to connect to the web server.

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